Why Rotary
We will be featuring some thoughts from our members over the next few months.


What Rotary means to me...

Thirty-Seven years and counting.
As I reflect on my years as a Quincy Rotarian, (more than half my life) I thing of the reasons why my longevity as a Rotarian has been so viable.  Could it be “Service Above Self” the guiding principle, living by the Four Way Test, or just the wonderful fellow members whom I enjoy meeting with weekly? 
My response is:  all of the above have made the tenants of Rotary burn in my heart for all these years.
The ability to be part of an international organization that touches the lives of those in need all over the world has kindled the desire within me to help those less fortunate.
As the saying goes” you can donate your time, talent, and treasure” in whatever amount you have to help as a Rotarian.
Being a Quincy Rotarian has provided the vehicle to channel my 3 T’s to hopefully be a better person on this earth.
Over the years, I have witnessed projects to eliminate Polio, bring clean water to third world countries, and help areas and people afflicted by acts of nature.
Locally I take pride in our members having installed smoke detectors in senior’s homes, Ringing the bell for the Salvation Army, initiating Interact clubs in our high schools to inspire student members to embody the philosophy of Rotary in their formative years, providing scholarships to our high school students, Donating time and talent to Quincy’s nonprofits organizations etc. etc. etc.
To really assimilate the benefits of Rotary, you have to commit to be an active involved member. Over the years, I have tried to be an active member of our club and the joy and self-satisfaction I have personally received has had no limit.
My fellow Rotarians have been like my second family. I have laughed with them and also shed a few tears for and with them.  The only meetings I have not left with a smile have been the ones where a past or present member has passed or is ill.
My fellow Quincy Rotarians are like first responders.   Whenever a crisis or need among our members exists they can count on their fellow Rotarians to come to their aid.
In my more than 37 years I have seen an all-male bastion become a coed organization.  Alleluia, Amen I say. My fellow Female Rotarians melded to strengthen Rotary even more with their insight, compassion, and organizational skills.
The friendships I have made as a Rotarian over the years, have strengthen me personally.   The fellowship and funship I have shared doing good for my fellow men and women, have been the factors in my being a Rotarian for all these years.
John Pasciucco                                                                                                
I was invited to join The Rotary Club of Quincy as a great opportunity to network with local business leaders.  Although this has proven to be true, it has turned into something greater.
Each week, I look forward to spending quality time with fellow Rotarians who are filled with positive energy, a unique focus on bettering the community and, in many cases, friendships that started at the Rotary, but have blossomed into something more. In today’s world, this weekly time is a reminder that there are many good people who are here to put “service above self”.
There are two events that I look forward to each year, the annual Senior Luncheon and participation on The Scholarship Committee.  Both demonstrate the Quincy Rotary’s connection with our local community and provide amazing support to recipients in different ways.
The annual Senior Luncheon is held at the local senior center.  A group of Rotarians serve over 80 Seniors lunch donated by the Rotary, provide entertainment through music and a raffle, and give a place for Seniors to enjoy each other’s company. The energy in the room is vibrant and fun is had by guests and Rotarians.
I’m particularly proud of The Quincy Rotary Club’s partnership with The Quincy Public Schools.  Each year, $30,000 in scholarships are given to graduating students.  These students are chosen for the scholarships by a committee of Rotarians after students are interviewed and applications are reviewed. The student applicants are remarkable in terms of their academic success and extracurricular activities.  Many have also worked full- and part-time jobs while in school.  These scholarships have allowed hundreds of low-income students enter college to continue on their path towards long-term success. 
This is only my story of being a Rotarian.  Each member will have a different story illustrating the meaning of the Club to them.  We bring differing interests, business experience, backgrounds and life journeys to the Club.  Each member has a unique experience that bonds us together.
Margaret Carr